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Catalogue Vinh Hung ISO 9001:2008

Vinh Hung won the contract of installing waterproofing system for Construction of Complete Trung Hoa Interchange.



Vinh Hung Trading, Consulting and Construction Joint Stock Company continues being a Contractor “In safe hands” of the important transport projects.

With high reputation of quality, progress and professionalism in construction management, Vinh Hung Company was approved on 19th May, 2015 as Contractor in providing materials and installing waterproofing type 2nd system (waterproofing outer tunnel) for the Package 4 - Project for Construction of Complete Trung Hoa Interchange - Hanoi ring road No.03 Construction Project Phase 2 – Mai Dich – North Linh Dam.

Tunnel Trung Hoa - Thang Long Avenue Interchange commenced on 18/01/2015, with a total investment of the project is 1.087 billion, while the value of construction package is 689.5 billion.

The Project includes construction of 2 tunnels towards Thang Long Avenue - Tran Duy Hung. Each tunnel has 3 lanes for motorized vehicles - 3.5 m/lane. The total length of close tunnel, open tunnel and leading road is approximately 690m (including 120m length of close tunnel, 488m length of open tunnel and 84m length of leading road).

Vinh Hung provides Matacryl waterproofing materials manufactured by "RPM Belgium and Vandex" – Belgium. This is one of the leading waterproofing technology in the world. Different from traditional technologies such as flamed membrane, self-adhesive stickers membrane, osmotic waterproofing… Matacryl Spraying waterproofing membrane provided and installed by Vinh Hung offers a comprehensive and effective waterproofing solution. Matacryl membrane after spraying has high intensity, high elongation, flexibility cover cracks up to 3mm, bond well with the concrete ... and environmentally friendly.

Under the guidance and supervision regularly of Experts by manufacturers, Matacryl waterproofing product is applied by cool spraying, using a dedicated two-component spraying machine Graco - CBU imported from the US. With the dedicated laboratory equipments as Temperature and humidity gauges, Adhesion – test machine, Wet-film combs, Ultrasonic-thickness machine…ensure product quality control during the construction process as well as the construction completed. With a team of technical staffs and skilled workers, so far the construction process is done according to the process of Manufacture, ensure the quality and progress of the Project.