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Catalogue Vinh Hung ISO 9001:2008

Vinh Hung JSC.’s Cultural Orientation


Vinh Hung JSC.’s Cultural Orientation

  1. Labor Discipline
  • Always be on time in work or when taking part to all team building’s activities.
  • Always wear office costume which must be suitable to the working culture and environment.
  • Do not smoke in working area.
  • Protect Company’s property; use of Company’s equipment in economical and efficient way.
  • Do not disclose confidential information of the Company to the outside.
  1. Behavior Culture
  • Greeting the Managers, Company’s staff and Company’s customer in an appropriate and friendly manner.
  • Work in team with enthusiasm and high responsibility.
  • Keep respect and listen to the guidance of the line manager and the different opinions from their subordinate as well as their colleagues’ ones while encountering problems which need to be solved.
  • Do not use slang in daily communication.
  • Reply to the email received within 4 working hours, neither with solution or not for the problem concerned.
  • Meeting Company’s customer in a professional manner by showing high commitment. Cooperate with Company’s  suppliers in a spirit of respect and equality, so that to have a mutual development.
  1. Sharing Culture
  • Taking care of and sharing the difficulties with colleagues in their work and life.
  • Be willing to give supports or share with colleagues useful working experiences and skills.
  1. Individual Consciousness
  • Give high estimation to the discipline observation in life, work and studying.
  • Respect ourselves and other individual’s difference.
  • Eager to learn to enrich our knowledge in work and life. Train ourselves to have an efficient thinking way and avoid to follow pathway.
  • Concerning assigned tasks: establish concrete objectives and make detailed planning, implement them scientifically and have them completed by deadline.
  • Building, enforcing the spirit of “I can do it” and solve all difficulties radically.
  1. Working Space

        Building a clean, tidy, and civilised working environment. Implement 5S program at each one’s working space:


         Screening, classifying and eliminating unnecessary working tools from working place.


         Arrange necessary working tools in ultimate order.


         Keep working place clean without garbage, dust on the floor and around surroundings working machines

         and equipments.


         Always keep the working place clean, convenient and in a productive way.


        Creating a self-discipline working habit, maintaining the working environment according to the 5S regulation

        at work.