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Catalogue Vinh Hung ISO 9001:2008

Tan Vu – Lach Huyen Project, Hai Phong City

·      Project name: Project Management Unit 2.

·      Location: Hai Phong City

·      Start time: 24/8/2017

·      Completion time: 31/08/2017.

·      Item constructed: Floating Anti-collision Facilities (Package no.6 - Highway Project Tan Vu – Lach Huyen).

·      Products supplied to Project: Supplying and constructing Floating Anti-collision Facilities for the main Bridge – Package 6 - Tan Vu – Lach Huyen.

·      About Project:

Bridge-highway Tan Vu- Lach Huyen Project has the total length of 15.63km in which 5.44km for the over sea bridge and 10,19km for the approaching road. Tan Vu- Lach Huyen bridge is acknowledged as the longest over sea bridge in South-East Asia.

Floating Anti-collision Facilities has been successfully supplied and installed by Vinh Hưng JSC to the main bridge.  This is the first time Anti-collision facilities manufactured by Jiangsu Hongyuan Techlonogy & Engineering Co., Ltd has been installed to such a great Project in Vietnam.

Anti-collision Facilities applied in Tan Vu – Lach Huyen is designed as self- floating which operates based on collision energy dissipation of bridge piers against vessels. Facilities structure is a web-reinforced FRP-foam sandwich composite including the main materials: Steel plate, stainless steel, fiber reinforced plastics, HYPU energy absorbing material…

Anti-collision Facilities is a strong buffering structure which enable to resist vessels’ collisions.  For Tan Vu- Lach Huyen, Anti-collision Facility is designed to withstand 1000DWT of Vessel, collision velocity up to 3.5m/s and the long age of 50 years.







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