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Catalogue Vinh Hung ISO 9001:2008

Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway Project

Project: Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway Project

Total Investment (Billion VND): 18.884

Employer: Vietnam Expressway Corporation (VEC)

Customer/Contractor:  Cienco 6, 620 Long An Concrete Company, China Road and Bridge Company. 

Supplied product: PC strand, Anchorage , Bridge Bearing. Expansion Joint

Time: 2010 -  2013

This 55km long expressway crosses HCMC and Dong Nai Province. In Dist .2, the expressway runs through An Phu Ward, and through 3 wards of Phu Huu, Long Phuoc and Long Truong in Dist. 9. In Dong Nai Province, the expressway crosses 4 districts, namely Long Thanh (Cam Duong Commune, Tam An Commune, Long Thanh Town, Long An, Suoi Trau and Binh Son Commune); Nhon Trach (Phuoc Tien Commune); Cam My (Xuan Que and Song Nhan Commune); Thong Nhat (Xuan Thanh Commune).

Departure point: km0, at the junction of Luong Dinh Cua Street and the East-West Highway in An Phu, Dist. 2. Destination: km54+983 (km1829+800-QL1A), which is approximately 2.7km away (to Ha Noi) from the exiting Dau Giay T-junction, in Xuan Thanh Ward, Thong Nhat, Dong Nai.

* An Phu – Long Thanh section   (24.7km)
  The expressway starts at the existing Luong Dinh Cua trans-provinces junction, runs north-easterly, parallel to the Road no. 33 and Giong Ong To River, 1km away from the Road no. 33, crosses the existing Do Xuan Hop Street at  km3+200 – border between Dist. 2 and Dist. 9.

  From Dist. 9, the expressway runs straight, parallel to and around 500m northerly away from the Road no. 33, cuts this road (Road no. 33 follows the north-south direction) at a point 250m away from Ong Nhieu Bridge, then follows the east-south direction, perpendicular to Ong Nhieu River, Kinh River and Tac River. After crossing Ong Tac River, the expressway turns left and follow the west-east direction, crosses Dong Nai River at km12+400 – border between HCMC and Dong Nai Province, the cutting point is around 20km away from the existing Dong Nai Bridge (to the downstream).

  After crossing Dong Nai River (which marks the start of Dong Nai Province), the expressway turns left and follows the east-south direction, crosses rivers of Nuoc Trong, Ngon Cung, Hang Dieu, Dong Mon and cuts Road no. 25 at Cau Xeo area, then cuts National Road 51 at the point 800m away (to the South) from the Long Thanh skipping route.

* Long Thanh – Dau Giay section
  After passing Long Thanh Town, the expressway turns left, following the east-north direction, cutting Bien Hoa-Vung Tau Expressway and Bung Mon Stream to enter Binh Son plantation area, then continues the east-north direction to reach a point 500m-800m away from Bung Mon Stream to the south of Binh Son Commune’s center, then cuts the Road no. 10 at the junction of Road no. 10 – Provincial Road 25, cuts Trau Stream and Cau Mon Stream to enter Ong Que Plantation, then cuts Sau Stream to go along Provincial Road 21, cuts Nhan River at a point 2.7km away (to Hanoi) from the existing bridge in Xuan Thanh Commune, Thong Nhat, Dong Nai.

* Technical specifications
- An Phu – Ring Road II section: 100km/h
- Ring Road II - Long Thanh – Dau Giay section: 120km/h
Intersections: the expressway is of type A with 7 interchanges and 22 overpasses and underpasses.
   River-crossing bridges: 17; Long Thanh Bridge and viaducts of the total length of 6,369m.

  Total investment for phase I: estimated at nearly VND 10,000 billion, of which USD 300 million (equivalent to 53.28% of the total investment) is OCR from Asian Development Bank (ADB); VND 3,604 billion (or 40% of the total investment), including USD 100 million  to be evenly distributed in 5 years (or around VND 720.8 billion each year) is from the state budget; VND 605.8 billion (or 6.72% of the total) is from bonds and funds mobilized from the private sector. 
Time for investment return: around 25 years.

  In the short term, the emergency option proposed by the HCMC’s Government will be conducted, which means that the section from Dist. 2 to Long Thanh with the workload of half of phase I total will be implemented first and is scheduled to be completed in 2009 to connect to the East-West Highway, Thu Thiem Bridge and Phu My Bridge in HCMC which are also scheduled to be finished in 2009.

  The total expense is around VND 3,623 billion, of which VND 417 billion is from the city’s budget, and the remaining VND 3,026 billion is covered by VEC with funds mobilized from bonds and from the state budget

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