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Enjoy the spring on beginning of year – Thuong Temple & K9 Da Chong historical monument (Ba Vi District, Hanoi)


On 22nd February 2014, staff and Mr. Tran Duc Tien – Chairman of Vinh Hung Company all together enjoyed the spring towards to the source at Thuong Temple & K9 Da Chong historical monument (Ba Vi Dist., Hanoi).

The first place was group of historcal monument: Uncle Ho – Au Co Queen  – Tan Vien Son Tinh Temple on the King peak of Ba Vi mountain, that belongs to complex of Ba Vi National Park. Our group thurified at Uncle Ho Temple to report our achievements for the past year.

Vinh Hung Company took a photo at Uncle Ho Temple

The next destination, we stop at K9 – Da Chong historical monument, where Uncle Ho used to live and dedicate for Vietnam revolution, and also was the place preserved Uncle Ho’s corpse from 1969 to 1975. 

This monument belongs to Da Chong hill lying in the primary forest of Ba Vi mountain complex, Bat Bat Dist., at 150m high from the sea level, situates near by Hoa Binh, Phu Tho & Old Son Tay Province. In the 1950s of XX century, this place named K9.

We incensed in front of Uncle Ho memorial house and listened to moving stories about Uncle Ho and difficulties, proud achievements of Military & the People during the time of preservation Uncle Ho’s corpse – National Old Great Father for many generations.

Incensed to memorize Uncle Ho at K9 historical monument

Listened to stories about Uncle Ho relating to K9 area

This is a meaningful journey for all staff of Vinh Hung Company. It’s a very long time that we had a chance to review heroic history of Vietnam, and we proud very much of Great Celebrity – Ho Chi Minh. This is considered as motivation source for all of us to start a new working year with a new revolution spirit in order to get more and more successes on the way of building a strong Vinh Hung Company.