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Catalogue Vinh Hung ISO 9001:2008

End year meeting


Another year had gone, Vinh Hung Company organized a program “End year Meeting” in the end of year with appearance of all staffs and their families.

End year party was organized at Capital Garden

Began the program, “Vinh Hung song” (is created following the melody of the song “Doan Ve Quoc quan” written by composer Phan Huynh Dieu) was sung by a group of boys & girls of Company, that added more consensus strength with heroic lyrics: “Vinh Hung Company determines on going ahead/ In spite of difficulties, we will never turn around”…

Company’s singers

Although many difficulties came from the market and internal force, but with accordant policy of BOM, the year of 2013 is still considered as a fundament for the success of Vinh Hung in the years ahead.

To prepare for Company’s development, human resources is the most important, from 41 staffs in the year 2012, to 54 staffs till the end of year 2013 exclude temporary labors. This indicated an opportunity of investment for the Company’s future.

In the year 2013, Vinh Hung implemented activity of building high-tech products such as installing Feba, Beji expansion join, with projects spread from the North to the South. This is the first success of Vinh Hung when steps into the potential building field.

The year 2013 also marked a new important event with foundation of Representative Office in Da Nang City. It is a bold step of BOM when Vinh Hung determines to invest long time for Central market where used not to be considered in the past.

A lively dance was performed by Liberty team

Vinh Hung had a lot of successes in the year 2013, but we do not forget our weakness, build professional working performance, enhance training quality to promote personnel capacity or raise effectiveness in solving problem of Departments/ Division, which are always considered and pressed by BOM in all activities of Company.

“we are together hand in hand for a bright future of Vinh Hung”

In this moment, when Tet is going to come, and in atmosphere “Tet comes into heart of everyone”, we are together hand in hand for a bright future of Vinh Hung. We would like to say sincere thanks to wives, husbands, and mothers, … who had been by our staffs’ side to share all difficulties.

Happy New Year with healthy and successful!