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Catalogue Vinh Hung ISO 9001:2008

By the occasion of Vietnamese Women Day


By the occasion of Vietnamese Women Day, October 20th, a warm party was organized by Vinh Hung men. As a technical environment, women make up ¼ among the employees, so this is the time for them to express the love for the half of the world.  

Pretty gifts & flowers are prepared by men

         Attending to the party, there is Mr. Vo Ta Luong – Director, he was on behalf of all the men to send to the women the best wishes and meaningful small gifts.


Director had a photo with Company’s women


Staff at Hanoi Head Office

         Some guys from Sales Dept. and Project Engineering Dept. had to travel for their business but not forgot to send greeting messages and Bot loc cake – a kind of specific traditional cake of the Central area.     

Ban flower card was sent via email from Lao Cai site

         A show of songs was performed by Vinh Hung singers that made the atmosphere becoming more and more vibrant.


Bright smiles on October 20th

         Such small events, friendly exchanges this way will make all of us understand and share with each other in work, which raises solidarity, and contributes to build a professional culture at Vinh Hung.