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Catalogue Vinh Hung ISO 9001:2008

Attempt at extinguishing measles pandemic


In the early April, mothers were nervous seriously catching much different information of measles pandemic that posted on the social websites. They sent together update news of measles every hour and not pretend to cry with the news such as: there were dead 50 children per day on average cause dangerous complications of measles, 02 children in the same family were attacked by measles, … What a miserable!

With mutual interdependence spirit, Vinh Hung staff determined on doing something to contribute extinguishing measles pandemic. At the same time, GIZ – A German Organization – proposed together Vinh Hung Company joining into program of support ventilators to National Hospital of Pediatrics. Within 03 days of donation, Vinh Hung and GIZ collected 45 millions VND. We bought 02 ventilators and other equipments.

Picture: Ventilators were checked particularly before giving to National Hospital of Pediatrics


D7K_9982_small (1).jpg

Picture: Vinh Hung and GIZ gave ventilators to Dept. of Infectious diseases of National Hospital of Pediatrics.

Donate activities are not only bring happiness and luckiness to whoever receives the gifts, but also enrich mutual interdependence spirit of Vinh Hung staff. That is the BOM’s highest aim of establishing Vinh Hung Donation Fund.

Picture: Thanks Letter from National Hospital of Pediatrics to Vinh Hung Company & GIZ Organization.